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Over 000 Settled For Our Clients!

Let’s Torch Together

Start Torching With The Hadi Law Firm For As Little As 15%!

  • The Hadi Law Firm is a thorn in the side of insurance companies. With a track record of aggressively securing the maximum compensation available, insurance companies are more likely to settle on your client’s terms.
  • Experienced attorneys. The Hadi Law Firm knows the ins-and-outs of personal injury cases and the inner-workings of insurance companies. You’ll receive consultation on how best to approach your client’s case and how to secure the justice they deserve.
  • We’re present. Hadi can personally be available for court, major appointments, litigations, and negotiations.
  • We believe in what we do. We know the rigged game insurance companies force their claimants to play. We’re here to make sure that justice is served and your client gets what’s owed to them.

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How it works

Our attorneys will discuss the details and strategy for your client’s case. Both firms will agree on favorable terms for both firms before proceeding.

Attorney Hadi himself can physically be present for all important and major appointments including court dates and negotiations. We can also provide experienced counsel if needed.

We work with you to settle cases but if necessary we are ALWAYS ready to go to trial. Insurance companies are no strangers to Hadi and his team, they’re more likely to settle on your terms once they see The Hadi Law Firm on your roster.

Difference In Value After Partnering With The Texas Torch

Here are some examples showing how much more settlement value was added by teaming up with The Texas Torch:


$1,000,000 from $160,000.00 offer.


$1,750,000 slip and fall from $40,000.00 offer.


$250,000.00 18 wheeler on $25,000.00 offer.


$385,000 slip and fall on $2,500.00 offer.


$115,000.00 on case denial. $164,000 on $30k offer.

Liberty Mutual Adjuster goes CRAZY!


A member of our staff will contact you, typically within 24 hours.